Slovak DHI CUP 2017 – 3. round JASNÁ and Downhill Open UCI C2

Jasna SPDH 2016 bProgramme Slovak DHI CUP 2017 – 3. round JASNÁ

Jasná Downhill Open UCI C2

Race: Jasná Downhill Open

Organizer: Slovak cycling federation

Technical organizer: Enjoy The Ride Team a TMR

Date: Sunday 25.06.2017

Place: Jasná ‐ Záhradky

Video Slovakia DHI cup 2016:


Start ‐ 1491 m

Finish – 1028 m

Lenght ‐ 1850 m

Drop ‐ 463 m

Registration: Ski Depot Jasna Zahradky (Chair lift). Required team parking place must be ordered to Technical organizer till 21.06.2017 ‐ . 100m2 free, over 100m2 – Extra 30 €.

Jasna SPDH 2016 c
Time schedule:

Friday 23.06.2017

09.30 – 12.00, 15.00 – 17.00 – Registration

10.00 – 12.00 – Track walk

12.00 – 17.00 – Free training, without security – fee 12 €

Saturday 24.06.2017

09.00 – 12.00 Registration

09.00 – 13.00 Free training

13.00 – 14.00 Top 80 training rom UCI ranking ( 30 Elite, 30 Junior, 10 Ženy, 10 Masters )

14.00 – 17.00 Free training – NO STOP on the course

Sunday 25.06.2017

09.00 ‐ 10.30 Free training – NO STOP on the course

11.00 – Semifinals start

14.00 – Finals ( Elite Man – 60, Junior Man – 50, Elite Women – 10, Masters – 30, Youngsters

– 30, Hobby – 30, Hardtail – 20 ) – can be changed by race directory.

Prize giving ceremony 15‐20 min. after finish line.

Jasna SPDH 2016 d
Categories: UCI and Slovakia DH cup rules 2016:

Elite man, Junior man, Women,

Registration online from Wednesday 07.06.2017 to wednesday 21.06.2017 (till 12:00h), or in registration office.

Entry fee: registrated online with online payment 50 EUR, registrated online with on place payment 55 EUR, not registrated online with on place payment 60 EUR. Entry fee does not return. Entry fee included – race fee, chairlift for Saturady and Sunday. There is no possible to enter the chairlift without race number. Friday track walk only with wrist band received on registration.

Registration time limit

Registration and payment deadline is Wednesday before the race. If the registered starter cannot attend the race, they have no right to reclaim the registration fee. If the registration quota is reached the organisers reserve the right to close registration in advance. There is no claim for a late registration on site.

Entry fee payment: EUR / SEPA – 50 €, use variable symbol generated by online registration system VOS – TPK ( official timekeeper ), account Nr. IBAN – SK3083300000002500412203 , SWIFT – FIOZSKBAXXX

Number boards
Every rider gets a new number board at every race. Riders must display their handlebar number while training as well as their back number during the qualifying round and the final. Number plates must be fixed in front of the handlebar and should readable throughout the competition. It is strictly prohibited to alter the number boards in any manner.

Start numbers may be reserved for registered riders and allocated according to UCI rankings.

The placing of additional advertisement on the number boards is strictly prohibited.

Jasna SPDH 2016

The race is open to all UCI‐licenced riders.

Awards Ceremony

The first three riders will be honoured with a ceremony, 30 min after the race. Riders not present for the awards ceremony will forfeit trophies and/or prizes.

Prize money

Prize money will be paid directly after the ceremony on presentation of a valid licence at the organization office, in local currency. The organization is not responsible for paying the prize money at a later date. Prize money for the Elite Men and Elite Women classes are paid according to the UCI provisions.

Prize money – under UCI Financial obligation

UCIPoints (only in the Finals)

The UCI functionaries are responsible for submit the results for points of UCI.


Riders attend the race on their own account and at their own risk. The rider is responsible for the safety of his bike and clothes. The organization is not responsible and cannot be held responsible for any injuries and damages as results of any action during the whole racing weekend.

All riders are responsible for insurance cover concerning damages based on the participations in the race.

Jasna SPDH 2016 n
Waiver of liability

The participations dispense with the registration altogether regarding indemnity claim or regress towards the organizer, designee, commissaries, authorities or other person in association with the event.

The liability waiver comes into effect upon registration with the organization. Over and above this no further claims can be made. The organization keeps the right to make any necessary changes or even to cancel the whole race according to safety problems, official orders, government laws and other unforeseen events at any time in the race without obligations regarding indemnifications.

The subscribers of the registration accept the terms and conditions of the regulations concerning the implementation of the competition, other specific determinations of the event and the responsibilities and waiver of liability.

The participants confirmed explicitly the correctness of all data of the registration.

Data protection

By submitting an application to take part in a race the participants also allow the Cup organization and the event organizers to use personal data for campaigns and activities connected to the events. The organizers shall have unlimited rights to publish pictures and video material of the participants, to forward these to press representatives and to use them for marketing activities. There is no factual and time limitation.

Jasna SPDH 2016 e

Hotel Ski Záhradky –

Penzion Energetik –

Hotel Grand –

And other hotels and pensions to Jasna – Demanovska dolina

Other informations:

‐ all information will be placed – Facebook page SPDH 2017,,,

Jasna SPDH 2016 W

Race director:

Mgr. Tomáš Vrbovský, mail:, tel: +421 911 628 433

UCI commisaire:

MITTAS Thomas, mail: , tel: +30 694 144 6610

Approved 01.04.2017 by Slovak cycling federation.

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